For your party, wedding or any occasion

Foong’s love to cater. No function is too big or too small. From street-style finger foods and Asian influenced meals to handmade desserts, we do it all. Not to mention our optional barista service.

Book us now for your Foong’s experience. Together, we will create memorable moments.


Where a love for food and people meet.

Our passion for markets was ignited at the Skoenies Village Fair. The camaraderie, positive energy and hidden gems found at these markets were facets we immediately identified with. Setting up in gale force winds, trading in the pouring rain and carrying woks up 4 flights of stairs – all in a days’ work to deliver the Foong’s experience which our patrons travel and queue for.

Each dish is created using only the finest and authentic ingredients. Our sauces and Dimsum range are lovingly prepared by hand and contain no preservatives. Chicken and pork are free-range (never frozen), and the Asian veggies are specially grown for us, free from any pesticides.

The Foong’s product range is available at the markets, or you can give us a call and we will assist you in stocking your pantry.

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